New for Muses 2017: Mama duck and baby duck float

When the Krewe of Muses rolls on Thursday, Feb. 23, the newest member of the krewe will be a brand new mama.

In a nod to the rubber ducks the krewe's members toss along the parade route every year, Muses has added a massive duck float to be tugged along behind the "Bathing Muses" float. And behind her, of course, will be three ducklings. Each of the new float segments will have space for riders, as well, bringing Muses' total float-rider count to 1,105.

"This is the No. 1 thing," Muses founder Staci Rosenberg said of the Kern Studios-designed bird floats. "They've been challenging to make. They're massive and fabulous-looking. ... They'll be really popular for years to come."

The Mama Duck features one of the krewe's signature stilettos tucked under her wing, and she's large enough to allow 14 float-riders. Each of her baby ducklets follows along with 10 riders each.

"We've never had a float with more than one segment before, and some of the men's krewes have these giant long things," Rosenberg said, noting that the parade's float count tallies up to 26. "We didn't want to add anything that didn't have a relation to anything Muse-y."

As is tradition, the Muses parade theme will be kept secret until the night they roll.

Also joining the Muses route this year is TV journalist Tamron Hall as Honorary Muse.

"She's super enthused and excited to be a part of this," Rosenberg said.

Last year, however, the Honorary Muse was a little unlucky on the route. Solange Knowles, who filled the giant Muses' shoe for the role, lost her wedding ring while parading.

In her emails with Hall, Rosenberg said she's already given her one suggestion: "Don't wear expensive jewelry."